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Record, organise, and search through the information that matters to you in your daily life

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Memozine is a diary and personal information manager software application that enables you to record, organise and search through the information that matters to you in your daily life.

Memozine provides you with a powerful personal database in which you can:

- Keep a structured, searchable diary.
- Record information and notes about such things as persons and organisations you are in contact with; places that you have visited; belongings, devices, collectables and other objects that you own or use; and in fact more or less anything that is of interest to you. For example, if you like movies, you may want to record information about films and actors; if you enjoy walking, you may want to store the details of your favourite walking routes; if you are a trainspotter, you may want to make notes about trains and engines; the possibilities are endless!
- Illustrate diary entries and notes with images and photos.
- Set up links between all those items of information, tag them with attributes, define groups and categories to help you navigate and search through your data.
- Create queries to retrieve information and produce lists of items based on simple or complex criteria, such as friends that you have met during the past three months; European capitals that you have visited; books by Charles Dickens that you have read; favourite recipes using chicken and eggs; etc.

Memozine is a Windows application, which can be used on any modern desktop or notebook computer that is running under a current version of the Microsoft Windows operating system.

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